Today I have mostly been emitting smoke.

It was my genuine intention this morning to sit down and write a post about my forthcoming project, particularly given its location in ‘old’ Staffordshire but as usual time (or sun days in Old Gringo’s method of temporal measurement) has been snatched away from me under pressure of a deadline to turn some snaps around of John Holden’s superlative Liverpool Lime Street project.

I suppose there’s a tenuous link to Staffs in that both of the services depicted in this picture had or were about to pass along the WCML through our county. There’s a question; when did the West Coast Main Line nomenclature actually start to be used?

Patriot 5541 'Duke of Sutherland' heads up the cutting along 'the neck' with a mail service whilst 'semi' 6247 'City of Liverpool' coasts down into Lime Street.

Is it ‘finescale’ to photoshop effects into a picture of a model? Too nouveau stylee or just plain tasteless in that the smoke isn’t carefully crafted from gaseous emissions? I’m only kidding; I don’t really care as it gave some light relief compared to cleaning up images with 4,000 holes* in the overall roof.

* Tenuous Beatles link