Fryers Lane

By Mark Forrest


Fryers Lane is my first layout built to P4 standards.  I decided sometime ago that my Wolverhampton Low Level (WLL) project would be built to P4 standards, Fryers Lane was an opportunity to build something small and simple which I can use to test the stock I’m building for Low Level, which is probably still a few years from completion.  It’s also intended to give me a small and portable layout to replace Foundry Lane on the exhibition circuit and allow me to try out methods and materials which I’ve not used before.

The plan is a fairly simple one and is based on Bloxwich (on the Walsall – Rugeley line), although I’ve taken the liberty of singling the through line.  A fiddle yard at either end allows through running while a loop (or at least one end of a loop) and a couple of sidings provide some operational interest.

The of the layout was determined by the guidelines set out for the Scalefour Society’s “Standard Gauge Workbench” – that is that the scenic length of the layout is 4′ 8.5″ (or 1435mm).  To date the layout has appeared at Scaleforum 2015 (as a work in progress) and at ExpoEM North 2016 (largely complete but with a few details still to be added).