The Mill Motive Power

Jason has been working on some additional locos for The Mill, firstly a Judith Edge 88DS.  As can be seen, it is all but complete now apart from glazing, painting and adding weight.

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Jason continues: “It is actually the third Judith Edge kit I have built, the first being started over five years ago and then put on the back burner when I discovered that they weren’t built until after my modelling period. However, recently I have dug it out and moved forward to the point where the end is in sight and who knows, maybe we can have an early 70’s mad half hour at the end of shows. It’s a Thomas Hill Vanguard and if anyone is in doubt about how long it has been sat on the ‘to complete’ pile, it appears in one of the first posts on my Bacup thread!


And finally, a loco which is unlikely to see much use on The Mill, an L&Y Class 23. I have owned a second hand OO Works one for a number of years now but it ran like a crippled tortoise. At the 2015 Expo EM North, I managed to pick up a George Norton kit of one for £20, only to later discover that the boiler was missing. Now I could have got a new boiler from London Road but chose instead to build up the chassis and mate it with the RTR body. This has involved shortening the chassis, adding compensation (not catered for in the kit) and adapting the High Level method for the brakes so that they are removable. It has turned into a rather enjoyable but sometimes frustrating labour of love but is getting there now.”
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Some research

Where possible, I like the locos on Foundry Lane to represent ones which are likely to have been seen on the West Midlands during the early 70s.  The latest of these is a class 25 which will be subject of another blog post, which needed to be renumbered.  The excellent Derby Sulzers site was my starting point, which provided me with a short list of potential candidates, but I had a few gaps in depot allocations.  After a bit of Googling I stumbled upon the BR Database website – which looks like a really useful resource.  With the Class 25 identified (it’ll be Bescot’s 25038, since you ask), I started digging further into the database.

Looking up a couple of the New Haden locos, my EE type 1 (D8000) was new to 1D (Devons Road) in June 1957, but moved to Crewe South in October ’58, where she stayed for a couple of years before moving to 1B (Camden).  My Sulzer type 2 (D5030) is more of a problem though.  Built in June ’59 she was new to 31B (March), so not exactly local!  Being built at Crewe, suppose the excuse that she was on a test run will have to stand as her Crewe allocated classmates had details differences which rule out a simple renumbering.

It covers those steam things too; for example Geoff’s Fairburn (42234) was at Stoke from 1952 to 1957, then moving to Rugby until withdrawal in 1964.

Worth a look if you are about to do some renumbering – I’ll add a link to our “blogroll”.