Between The Wars

By Mark Forrest

Between The Wars isn’t a layout; well not yet anyway.  Born from a desire expand my skills and construct some loco kits it is a placeholder for slowly building collection of rolling stock that would suit a LMS (ex-LNWR) setting, probably somewhere in the West Midlands, some time between end of the Great War and the start of the Second World War.  If pushed for a exact date, I’d say a year or so either side of 1930.

At a time when railway modelling is increasingly reliant on ready to run manufacturers, the aim here is to kit (or scratch) build as much as possible, because I enjoy making things.  Working in P4 adds the need to include some form of suspension in most of the stock, this adds to the technical challenge, although is made much easier these days thanks to several smaller suppliers whose products support the finescale modeller; along with the support of Scalefour Society and the EM Gauge Society.

One day there will (probably) be a layout; I have a couple of ideas part worked into layout designs.  For now though, with no layout and no deadlines to work to, this is something that I can just pick up and enjoy whenever the mood takes me.

In case you are wondering, why “Between The Wars”, the project borrows it’s name from this Billy Bragg song: