Pies Galore?

The latest social evening for the group was held at the Sun Inn, Stafford, where much hilarity was had and pies eaten. Ok so it was only one pie but several of the group sampled it thanks to the generosity of Mr Y (or was it the wish to keep his sylph like form?!). Everyone there agreed that the refreshments and entertainment (kindly supplied by dint of leopard print) were excellent and even Mr C was seen to smile during the evening! Evidence is hereby given to the suitability of the pie presentation.

Local Pork Pie on offer here!

Ruddles and chips!

The group held the first social get together last night at the Wetherspoon’s Picture House in Stafford where a convivial evening was had discussing many topics, some of which had connections to railways and modelling. It was generally agreed that it was a good choice with Ruddles bitter at £1.60 a pint and excellent chips to scoff. Another recruit to the group attended, Andy York of RMWeb fame who will bring another aspect to the group, oh and and lots of gossip!

The next workshop evening is to be a Wednesday evening, except I can’t remember whether it’s next week or the week after! Hopefully one of the other group members will remind me…?

Who wants to model a wagon?

One of the facebook groups I’m a member of is the Industrial Railway & Locomotive Appreciation Society and there has been a very nice link posted to a website with oodles of photos of both mainline rolling stock and industrial internal user wagons. The site is by Paul Bartlett and features numerous galleries for specific types of stock and within the industrial section galleries of specific locations with photographs of different types of wagons within each gallery. Thanks to Paul  this website could be a very helpful resource for detailing and weathering, and also for a bit of atmosphere.

The site can be found here http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/

First Workshop Night

The first workshop night of the group was held last night at Ches Bod’s and attended by 4 of the group. Tea and biscuits provided kept everyone happy and chatting and various projects were on the go. Bod (alias Mark) was working on a building for his new project, Wolverhampton Low Level in EM, John was busy sorting through all his reference material for the “Once upon a time in the West” layout that is under construction and Geoff was building a batch of iron ore hoppers for the same project. I dug out a couple of projects that haven’t seen the light of day for many a year, the one being detailing and EM conversion of an old Dapol LMS brake van, something I started about 15 years ago and never completed.

Everyone agreed it was a convivial atmosphere and all are looking forward to the next get together in a couple of weeks, planned as a natter over a pint in a suitable hostelry. Once the research has been carried out to establish the venue we will know where!