Staffordshire Finescale railway modelling group was formed by a group of friends  in 2011.  The aim of forming the group was to support and encourage each other to increase the quality and quantity of our modelling output.  These days the inclusion of “Staffordshire” in our name is, something of a misnomer as there are as many of the group based in other areas of the country as there are in Staffordshire.  Most of the models seen on this website are destined for our individual projects rather than for a group layout.  The majority of the group model in 4mm scale (1:76.2), predominantly in EM gauge, although the group isn’t scale or gauge specific.   The common bond within the group has more to do with our attitude towards railway modelling than it does to our geography, modelling scale or gauge standards.

The layouts and projects we are working on will each gain their own page here, while updates on work in progress from our workbenches will form the main blog entries.

Photos and other content are copyright of the post author, unless stated otherwise.  Views and opinions expressed are those to the post author and may not be representative of the group as a whole or of any of the other organisations we may be members of.

You can contact us using the form below or by leaving a comment of any of the blog entries:

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