First Workshop Night

The first workshop night of the group was held last night at Ches Bod’s and attended by 4 of the group. Tea and biscuits provided kept everyone happy and chatting and various projects were on the go. Bod (alias Mark) was working on a building for his new project, Wolverhampton Low Level in EM, John was busy sorting through all his reference material for the “Once upon a time in the West” layout that is under construction and Geoff was building a batch of iron ore hoppers for the same project. I dug out a couple of projects that haven’t seen the light of day for many a year, the one being detailing and EM conversion of an old Dapol LMS brake van, something I started about 15 years ago and never completed.

Everyone agreed it was a convivial atmosphere and all are looking forward to the next get together in a couple of weeks, planned as a natter over a pint in a suitable hostelry. Once the research has been carried out to establish the venue we will know where!

4 thoughts on “First Workshop Night

  1. Suppose we should really have taken some photos; Oops, maybe next time! I’ll post a few photos of the building (parcels office) once I’ve progressed a bit further. Really impressed by the quality of those Tichy Trains (H0) ore hoppers which Geoff was building; looks like they have quite a range

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